Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Similarities and Differences between Email and Postal Address

Email is a way in which a message,information,data,files,etc is sent or received electronically right away.Information sent via email is faster and doesn't last too long no matter where you are sitting,standing,walking,etc. Messages, files,documents or anything sent via email are broken into small packets.It then transports those messages to different area closer to the receiver's address.Anyone with computer, phone, iPad, and tablets can access their email depending if their devices have internet,WiFi or data.However, Postal mail turns to be physical in the sense that letters,packages,greetings cards and many others are seen physically in a mail box.With the postal mail, letters and packages are delivered by a Postal Mail Carrier in our mail boxes, door steps, or locker rooms.Again, with the postal mail, in order to get a letter, one has to walk to the mail box or drive to the postal office to receive the letter or package.
Email and Postal Mail
1. Postal Mail and Email send and receive mails although one is faster than the other.
2. Both have mailbox.
3. They both have addresses that messages are sent to.
4. Photos can be sent via email and postal mail.
5. There are chain of letters for both email and postal mail.
1,Uses electronic address                                        
2. Sent electronically                                                 
3. Email does not need envelopes and stamps.      
4. The process of email being sent is unseen         
 Postal Mail
1. Uses physical address
2. Sent physically
3. Postal mail needs stamps, and envelopes.
4. Postal carriers or persons that delivers letters are seen sometimes 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Inspired by Erik Handberg's Achievement in the Tech World.

Going by another quote by Seth Godin, "In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible".I can listen to Erik Handberg the whole day and not get tired.This is not because of his success stories but the walk to being successful. I was inspired by the risks he took to becoming a visible man in today's marketplace.One thing that he mentioned was if you want to make money, you have to do physical jobs or go down and chop the tree. This is very true in the Tech world because if no one recognizes your input by seeing it, it becomes nonfunctional or invisible.And it is up to you to make a difference by trying different things till you succeed.

According to Erik, "all the Tech people like Bill Gates were open minded". Erik took advantage of the internet and all the new things that came with it. He started with Horatio Theater; it wasn't successful but moved on with something new (Exit wrote for Exit and succeeded because of the papers he wrote for his high school.Then, Suite 133, there he learned how to network with minor partners. Analyzing all these jobs he had, i can see he wasn't only chasing after different software, careers,opportunities, or fame.However, i think he was adapting,adopting,and impacting one way or the other. 

Technology indeed changes the way we live and somehow, it is controlling health,education,marketing,teaching skills, and in general way of life.My fear, is that love of money,curiosity,easy way of doing things and fame has caused the drastic change of technology.  Nevertheless, i am still inspired by Erik because while technology is taking him to places, he is also careful and smart.He uses his skills so carefully on social media marketing like blogs, Facebook, and others. Although he indicated that between 2007 and 2008, some words he used online came to hunt him.Therefore, he advises that we are careful about the words we use online.

Lastly, i am also inspired by his book publishing from 2009 till 2016.Very smart way to sell those books on Amazon.And also use sound recording to make some of his books sell faster.After listening to Erik, i started researching on social media marketing and now taking classes on it. My hope is that i can also change the world in a meaningful way using technology by self learning like Erik and not being afraid to be successful. 

 Seth Godin says , "Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person".

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I have always thought that when it comes to computers, i am the best in my family.Recently, i learned that all that i knew about computers and current technology were out dated.My two years at college studying computer science opened my eyes to the actual technological world.When i missed the deadline for Information Technology program at University of Washington Tacoma, i decided to enroll in this class to learn more about technology; how internet came into existence, components of computers and how technology is using us.Growing up, i didn't have the advantage to familiarize myself with technology and computers in general.

Knowledge i believe is acquired by listening,reading,studying,asking questions,and opening up to directions and corrections.That said,i am glad i registered for this class because i know by the end of this quarter, i would have learnt about the internet,computer systems, re-freshened my brains about HTML and the World Wide Web. Also, listened to speakers who have in depth knowledge about technology and where it is taking the world to.

More so, i am fortunate to be in this class because i only don't have to listen to my professors about  what is happening in the world but i get to do my own research about technological trends and share it with my friends.Although, i am the shy type to talk in public and express myself, i see this class as a way of opening up and learning more about the digital world.
As someone who wants to major in Information technology, INST 207(Living and Working in a Virtual World) class will help me to understand more, appreciate and apply technologies that create the web environment.

I end this essay by using this popular saying; "as the world changes, you also make a change".Technology is changing faster and changing humans.

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