Monday, December 11, 2017


Billions of people can now access the content of a media through the World wide web, smart televisions, phones and other digital devices.Few years ago, people could only access media content through communication tool like print such as newspaper,magazines,brochures or television and radio.A smartphone can these days do many things like the computer. People use smartphones as notebooks, make online transactions,booking airline tickets and so fort. Today, many news organisation have reduced using prints and audiovisuals.They focus more on technology that can easily converts materials into texts and video.In the 1990's and 2000's  large media companies expressed interest in media platforms.This is because everyone was trying to fit into the technological changes.Example; between 2000 and 2004, AOL( American On Line and Time Warner merged.These companies took over some media startup companies by producing a media player. 
Communicating to families abroad is easier now. Unlike the 1990's, people had to write a letter to a loved one.This time around, social media; Facebook,Instagram,What-up,etc. has reduced the cost and pain of going through to reach a loved in different country or area.Aside social media making communication and eCommerce possible,it has positive and negative educational influence. 
We don't only see technology changes on web.However, there are some kitchen appliances that has shifted from manual to tech.Example; Teforia Leaf Tea Infuser for reading tea packages and automatically initiates the optimal brewing recipe.I am still used to the old coffee maker and sees this new coffee brewer to serve many purposes.
Lastly, among all these phenomena, technological convergence is the most prevalent and increasing everyday.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What i am excited about and fear of....

I am very happy this quarter is coming to an end. This is my first quarter in UW Tacoma. Normally, i'd  easily get adjusted to new environment but this quarter has been different. I have lost 10 pounds which is surprising.I am impressed about the current trends i know now because of this class. Through the teaching skills of my professor, i have developed the habit of reading about business ,technology and other news before my day ends.I am also excited that right after this class, there is Christmas at the corner. At least i can have some rest and gain those lost pounds back during the short holiday. Although, i didn't get to know the overall performance for this class, i am 100% confident to say i learned a lot during the 10 weeks lectures. 

I am excited that i made the decision to take this TINT 207. Initially it was difficult for me to catch up on the things that were discussed in class. I made an effort to jot down important information and listened attentively in order to stay on track.

As at now, i can't really say what my fears are. I am only thinking about the classes i will be taking in Winter. Anytime, i think about going full time schooling i also think about my job.How am i going to cope with 15 credits and my demanding job? Asking those questions put some fear in me before the quarter begins. All the same, life must go on. School must definitely go on to....

Monday, December 4, 2017

The topic for my presentation

Coming Wednesday, i will be talking about the "How Technology is Transforming Religion". Before the invention of the world wide web, the ancient world used a paper also known in Egypt as Papyrus.Papyrus was used for writings,recording of historical events, and paintings.And then came the first technology leap that made religion to spread; printing press. More than 1000 years, most people did not know how to read and write. So how did they even worship at temples,mosque, church,etc? Religious leaders had to read and interpret to congregants.That was the only way people could participate in organised worships. Later, written text became easier to reproduce and people no longer had to rely solely on leaders for messages.We also see the introduction of radio.Radio made worshiping more easier for people living in isolated rural areas. They heard the messages on radio and didn't have to travel far to worship.After the world war II, there came television.This technology even made people exercising their faith more easier. Songs, commercials,videos and documentaries made worshiping exciting seeing it on televisions. Followed by the world wide web of faith. This tremendous change has proven to have both good and bad impact on religion. Today,we see different apps for different religions.Some of the apps are Podcast,Religions of the world,Religion dating apps,YouTube,Facebook pages,and others.Furthermore, in internet has provided a way to make various religions to personalize their religious experiences.
The reason for this topic is because i see technology making a huge impact in our social lives. But i wanted to understand the huge changes it has made towards religion.Although, i see some changes over the past decades, i also think it will even increase as time goes on.I really can't predict the changes but i hope it is not something that will change our beliefs and culture drastically.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 to Dot.Bomb

There many companies that succeeded in the internet business way before, those online business didn't survive the test of time, today, many of the current internet business rely on the old business strategies.The market competition of internet business is high as compared to the 80's. From auto business to clothing,both have online or physical store.Also, majority of retail stores are moving from physical store to e-commerce. The internet has made things even better that now all transaction,shipment, exchange of goods,picking up,etc can be done online without any interference. Although, the most companies who started online business succeeded or not succeeded, we see the same happen at this era.Every store in this country is trying to have both online and offline store which is creating pressure for the old companies.As i mentioned before, most current online businesses dwell on the dinosaurs marketing strategy.
Technology is changing and affecting lives. In today's world, how many people carry notebooks to class? Students have applications they use in class to make notes instead of the old way. Technology has made life easier for many of us. Everything we need in our kitchen,hallway,bathroom,office,car,school,church,etc can be found online.I have stopped going to the mall because when i go i spend time and lot of money.Don't get me wrong, its fun to shop at the mall but i find online market to be easier than offline store.
One thing i am yet to find out is if small online businesses have to pay any funds to the government.This is because i know people who make videos on you tube, post blogs about a product and wonder if some of the revenue they make goes to the government (Just curious.......).
To conclude, just like an organic food has its life span, everything surely has an end.And that is why some business rise and others fall. Those that fall stay around but are not able to compete with new ones.Unless they also keep changing us the technology changes.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Extra Credit : It's not all about being a programmer.......

Who is a programmer? According to Wikipedia. com, a programmer is a person who creates a computer software.The computer programmer can specialize either in one area of computing programming or writes codes for different software.
 A person can self learn how to write codes or enroll in a computer science,computer engineering,information technology,etc program in a technical school,college or university. Anyone can become a programmer depending on the zeal of the individual.
There are programmers who experienced coding right after birth.And others who learnt along the road in their lives. But what i know is that there are beginners and advanced programmer.And every programmer's skill is different from the other.
However, being a programmer is not only about being the best coder but writing neat codes so that other developers understand.Also, following trends about new web development and staying on top of it.Completing task on time and producing the best work all the time.
Most importantly, being a programmer means you have to be willing to explain codes to the people on your team because we should bear in mind that no all of them are programmers.Productivity becomes efficient when people work together as a team.
Having a good rapport with team members to learn different skills.Just like in any career, having a good relationship with co workers pave way for more opportunities to learning new skills.So,it means for a programmer to excel in his career he or she must also learn to be very kind,nice and respectful to other programmers.This will in effect bring unity and harmony at the work place. And also the programmers can be of help to each other without being afraid.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Meeting with the CEO/Founder of CloudPWR.......

Today, i had the opportunity to meet the CEO and founder of the CloudPWR .I normally see CEO's on televisions and social media.So it was nice seeing him and listening to his success story. According to Shadrach, their product which is Airlift enables government jobs to have accuracy in their work.It also aides in easy transaction with highest transparency.Again, Shadrach made it known that Airlift allows easy production and in effect protects their customers privacy.The privacy, satisfactions, production, all accounts to the elimination of printing,faxing,scanning and mailing.

Many government workers i know of are between the ages of 35 and 60 years.I can understand that the need for quicker respond of information,materials, production without suffering would attract these governmental organisations more to the Airlift product.I like the fact that Shadrach realized the problem in this governmental jobs and found a solution to it.My take away from this adventure for search of opportunities is that i have to find a problem and find ways to solve it.I can either solve the problem with technology or whatever way it might help a situation. When Shadrach found out that he wants to make an impact in the government field, he used his money,the resources he had to make it big.

Comparing the to Airlift, both had a problem identified then a plan to execute the problem.And in the middle of execution, found ways to compete with the existing market.In the case of Shadrach, all is platforms are built on cloud computing.He saves money by not purchasing a lot of software applications but puts in more money to have a quality contents for his website.In his presentation, he mentions that in order to track time, an internal employee called Monica, coded a  time tracking and billing module for the office.

One company with different technological ideas.This is amazing. Starting from a bedroom in 2013 with one lead developer and with many employees now sounds achievable. A website that solves students,workers,mental disorder patients,etc problem and still working on improving the lives of many is existing. I am inspired by all our guest speakers accomplishments in the tech world.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Today, i watched a movie called the Startup.Com. I learned a lot from this movie; from building a good relationship, to having the biggest dream and accomplishments with risks also failures. Kaliel Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman built a good relationship at the age of 15 years.They had the same dream as best friends.Their dream was to get rich by building their own dot com company which was technology based.In their twenties, these friends had an idea of creating a government website that would provide a "parking tickets".Then came in 1999 with it just being an idea.

The accomplishments of this business idea comes into play when we saw the suffering of the friends. Looking for capital, location, the big guys in internet business, employees and so fort to me was an accomplishments. I say this from personal experience of a printing press idea i had last year. Its being sitting in my head for months now without any step to bring the idea into reality.At least, these friends had a business plan, strategy to market their website.And this is a step to accomplishing a goal.The company started in August with only 30 employees and we continued to see drastic increase of employees to 120 in January.

I somehow anticipated that something was going to happen by the end of the movie.How did i know this? Okay, how many times did Tom and Kaliel argue in the movie? Kaliel was entrusted with most of the decisions of the company.He disagreed on almost every decisions made by the other friends. Although they were great friends but their method of decision caused Tom to leave the group.Thus, causing the multi-million idea to die.

Business is Business, it has it own problems just like life.One thing the friends could have done better to build the idea to the very top was trusting each other.